Teaching at UCAB


I’m a contracted professor at the School of Informatics Engineering at Universidad Católica Andrés Bello, in Caracas, since October 2009. I teach an elective on Videogame Programming, and a obligatory course on Computer Graphics.

You can find my teaching site at this URL (in Spanish only) http://www.ciroduran.com/disenajuegos. You will find all the information for students, and the videogames they create.

About the videogame programming elective course

The program syllabus has changes each semester, always looking for a better approximation in a subject that has been studied academically since a few years.

The course includes a dedicated part to the game design as a systems of rules, focusing in the artistic part and the design iterative process.

On the other hand, the course includes a dedicated part to software development, teaching the basic components that an entertainment software should have, and experiencing first-hand the process of developing such software.