I’ve been a regular speaker for classes and events, and I have accumulated a good deal of talk material spanning subjects around videogame development, business models in Venezuela, Python and Assembly programming. My presentations are oriented to teach and entertain. I’ve given talks in Spanish and English. You can see the material listed in this section.


An Introduction to HaxeFlixel with HTML5 (English, HTML, interactive slides)

Physical Computing with Unity (English, HTML, interactive slides), the slides are complete but I could not give the talk.


Assembly: Behind the Wizard’s Curtain (English, HTML, interactive slides)


Artists that inspire me (Spanish, Video in Youtube)


How do you know that what you’re developing is worth it? (Spanish, Video in Youtube)


Introduction to cocos2d-x for game developers (Spanish, Video in Youtube)

Using cocos2d-html5 to make web browser games (Spanish)

Videogames with Agenda: Game Development oriented to day-to-day subjects (Spanish)


Python Game Development Frameworks (Spanish, with notes, PDF, 8MB)

Mobile Games and their Business Models (Spanish, sans notes, PDF)

A Business Model for Videogames in Venezuela (Spanish, with notes, PDF, 8MB)

Making Videogames with Low Budget (Spanish)


Making videogames with Flixel (Spanish, with notes, Google Docs). Includes a basic Flixel project for FlashDevelop.



Making Videogames in Venezuela (Spanish, Video in Vimeo)

Videogames as a form of art (Spanish, HTML). Video of the talk in Vimeo

Making Videogames with Python and Pygame (Spanish, HTML)

A talk about the Venezuelan Law Against War-like Games and Toys (Spanish, video in Vimeo)



Start making a videogame and finish it! (Spanish, with notes, PDF)

How to Make 5 Videogames in 48 hours (an introduction to the Global Game Jam) (Spanish, PDF, 1.5MB, or PPT, 30MB)



Independent Games: The Punk Rock of Videogame Development (Spanish, PDF, 3MB or PPT, 22MB, with videos)