Ciro Durán A Live Archive


This is a now page. This is for telling you what I’ve up to these days, a page between this archive and my social media posts.

Latest update: 10th February 2023.

Caracas Game Jam 2023

Caracas Game Jam 2023 happened! It was online again due to us not being able to find an affordable venue. I think it’s incredible that this event has been happening for 15 years, with a team that has come out from its own community. I am proud to present the games that the participants made, it gives me a lot of hope. Thanks to Fabiola Rosato for our keynote. And thanks to the Global Game Jam organizers: along with hundreds of other venues around the world we’ve made this a reality.

Social networks

I have a lot in my mind to write down about this! I unlisted my Twitter account from this website, and I will be away from Twitter for a while. I’ll be a lot more present in Mastodon.

My bots will keep tweeting as long Twitter allows it. This is uncertain due to the changes they’ve made to the API. I won’t bother in maintaining them to keep them tweeting. If they stop doing it, though luck. Some of my bots are in Mastodon already: @ImaginaryTubes for procedurally generated tube maps, and @chanceame for procedurally generated messages looking for love in public transport.