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This is a now page. This is for telling you what I’ve up to these days, a page between this archive and my social media posts.

Latest update: 8th July 2024.

Electromagnetic Field 2024

I will be attending Electromagnetic Field 2024 this year, 30th May - 2nd June. This time, I’ll be a lot better prepared, as the first one was overwhelming for me. Please email me or ping me on my socials if you want to meet there. I’ll be running a ukulele jam on Sunday!

The Electromagnetic Field was incredible this year. The ukulele jam I organised gathered almost 20 players, and we had a really fun time. I also returned with lots of inspiration for new projects. However, I’m only human, so I’ve decided to take on just one. I’m thinking of doing something inspired by Postcrossing for the next event.

One of my hobbies is to send and receive postcards, and EMF has a postal system called SneakerNet. In the two occasions I’ve been there, I’ve set myself to send and receive postcards. The first time I did by hand writing a sign asking people to send me postcards with a good memory from the event. The second time I left self-addressed postcards (and yes, you have to think about how to write addresses in a festival full of tents) asking for a similar thing. I received very nice comments, and I got to meet one person who wrote me (“we’re pen pals!” I told them).

So, back to the project, the objective is to make an SneakerNet-adapted version of Postcrossing, where people can put their address, and send/receive postcards to people within th event. Let’s see what comes out of this.

Summer Strum

I will be attending the Summer Strum, at Hoylake, Wirral, 19th - 22nd July. I’ll be with the Pandemic Pluckers playing ukulele as in past years. It’ll be fun.


I’ve been practicing improvising at the guitar. I think the hardest thing is to have the perseverance to play, and go through the feeling that I’m not really at the level I want to be. Maybe that will never be possible, so I focus on the satisfaction of playing. This satisfaction is multiplied when I play with others. I recently went to a jam where we play videogame songs, and I really liked the results. I want to play there again.

Another thing that helps with perseverance is novelty. A wah pedal has allowed me to add more expression to the guitar, and I recently upgraded to Guitar Rig 7 and the variety of sounds that this plug has allows me to explore them for hours.

Where am I online

Usually on Twitter and Instagram (see about page). Mastodon I rarely check, but it’s not never.