Ciro Durán A Live Archive


This is a now page. This is for telling you what I’ve up to these days, a page between this archive and my social media posts.

Latest update: 15th February 2024.

Global Game Jam 2024

I had a lot of fun at Goldsmiths! Met some people IRL that I’d known online for years but for mere coincidence we were participating there. Please play my game BrapBrap which was made there.

Caracas Game Jam 2024

Caracas Game Jam 2024 also happened! Kudos to the organising team, who did a wonderful job hosting the participants at Universidad Católica Andrés Bello. Últimas Noticias covered the event. You can find the video summary at the new website. A lot simpler than our Drupal-based one, but hopefully also simpler to maintain throughout the years.

EMFCamp 2024

I will be attending the EMFCamp this year, 30th May - 2nd June. This time, I’ll be a lot better prepared, as the first one was overwhelming for me. Please email me or ping me on my socials if you want to meet there.

Summer Strum

I will be attending the Summer Strum, at Hoylake, Wirral, 19th - 22nd July. I’ll be with the Pandemic Pluckers playing ukulele as in past years. It’ll be fun.