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20_8 is a game based in what happened on the border between Venezuela and Colombia around 20th August 2015. A Venezuelan military officer died close to the border, and the Venezuelan government accused the Colombian paramilitary of the homicide. As a retaliation, the Venezuelan government closed the border to all transit in the Táchira state. Since then, the border is controlled at the whims of the Venezuelan military.

Days after the border was closed, there were reports that the Venezuelan military had gone to houses nearby the border. They went to the houses, marking those that belonged to Colombians (even the ones naturalized Venezuelans, who had an ID) with the letter D, as in demolish, and deporting the inhabitants to Colombia.

In 20_8 there are two players, one is in charge of marking the houses, and the other one handles the bulldozer that demolishes the houses. You must demolish only the ones with the letter D. Beat the high score, and make no more than three mistakes. This game was developed for Adobe Flash.