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Mi Amigo El Puma

Play Mi Amigo El Puma!

Mi amigo El Puma is a game based in the Eclipse gum 2007 ad campaign, by the Wrigley Company. Here’s a video with the campaign. José Luis Rodríguez, “El Puma”, is a very popular singer, and although his fame rose some time ago, some of his songs are still popular in local parties. Maybe this was the reason those videos got so popular between local internet users, and a short rush with the theme song.

Homaging those ads, and by pure pleasure of doing a game starring El Puma, I did this mini-game and published here in my site. You can play it here, it requires Flash 8 to run. The game had some popularity, and it was featured in the TV micro Ciencia Contigo (contains Youtube subtitles):

Video at Youtube.

You move with the directional arrows, and with the space bar you drop gum boxes. The objective is to reunite as much couples as you can. You have to drop the box over a man, and then follow him to the nearest woman he finds. Then, you must stay near them to give the man some confidence. Good luck!