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I Can Move On

Check I Can Move On source code in GitHub:

I Can Move On is an interactive poem/physical game, made for the Global Game Jam 2019 in Hacksmiths, Goldsmiths, University of London.

I Can Move On

A storm passed a few days ago
It took my house, leaving me unprotected
The sky is grey, there’s no trees
It’s just me standing, revealed

I’m trying to find the last piece of a puzzle
The one that will help me to move on
I think I found it, the storm brought it to me
It took everything else, but gave me that little piece

Yes, I don’t have a house
But at least I know I can move on


This game requires to build a cardboard device, some game pieces, and some circuitry.

This game also requires an Arduino (we used an Arduino Mega, but it could be an Arduino UNO), a 32x32 RGB Adafruit Matrix screen, and kitchen foil for closing the circuits.


“I can move on” was written by Yole Quintero.

Cardboard, sculpture and circuitry by Yole Quintero.

Arduino programming and circuitry by Ciro Duran.