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Interview (in Spanish) at DirecTV Access March 2013 issue


For March’s issue, DirecTV’s magazine Access (you may know it as Sky in your country) interviewed me as part of a series of interviews to professionals of several areas, including Consuelo Di Carlo, from Instagramers Venezuela, Gustavo Jimenez, a 3D animator, and myself.

You may read the interview by journalist Daniel Rojas in this PDF (Spanish only, sorry), or receiving the magazine with your subscription to this satellite TV system.

The screenshot you’ll see inside is from our May 2012 game HeliTaxi, a game for the BlackBerry PlayBook we did for the Reto BlackBerry contest, and for which we won a honorary mention for the Venezuelan leg. The team that produced HeliTaxi is: Yole Quintero at the design, Miguel Obando at programming, Adolfo Roig as the visual artist, Lenin Quintero at sound and effects, y and myself at programming and producing.