New game: Tele 9

Tele screenshot

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Tele is the only product made by Televisión del Milenio, a Venezuelan regional TV channel that started by buying old equipment to a national TV channel, but never could get on air because of all the red tape. Instead of going live, the only production team at the TV channel did a videogame that reflects on the team’s sentiment regarding how a party, or a group of parties, can compete agains the State’s powers to be able to broadcast their message.

I invite you to play this game, product of the One Game a Month challenge, and a way to give something to the politics discussion in the country.

9 thoughts on “New game: Tele

  1. Reply Marcelo Ortiz Apr 1,2013 08:30 AM

    Se queda pegado en la pantalla de Cocos2D, en “Loading 96%” y de ahí no pasa…

    • Reply Ciro Apr 1,2013 08:32 AM

      Hay que tenerle paciencia, la carga de los gráficos es un poco grande, pero eventualmente se completa

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