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I’m a bit shocked on how many people think that today’s world is incapable of producing their own icons, given the amount of recent celebrity death news.

I think this may be related to the amount and quality (specifically production values) of the media we’re exposed to. It’s great we have this quality around, but I believe this creates at the same time an implicit message that you may not ever be able to reach that quality, no matter how much you do. And don’t even think about it if you don’t make it your main trade.

However, I believe in the entertainment oriented to the people that are physically and emotionally close to you. From that point of view, we have in our society hundreds of entertainers that with their talent and charisma are able to touch us beyond what a TV celebrity might reach. If you allow it so. Big screen celebrities will keep existing, but they are not able to dictate your immediate environment, nor your future.

In short: don’t justify yourself with crappy music or bad shows as an excuse to say that yesterday’s things were so much better. Don’t age prematurely.

8 thoughts on “Our own icons

  1. Reply esaulgd Apr 21,2016 02:31 PM

    What do you mean exactly by “own icons”? With today’s social media, each subculture and niche has more personal icons than ever.

    • Reply admin Apr 22,2016 04:32 PM

      That’s true, but we still need that kind of works or people that makes us feel a bigger part of something.

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