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Making Music in Lockdown in 2020

Hey, it’s been a while since I’ve written anything in this blog. Sometimes life happens and you just don’t allocate time to write. 2020 is no exception for me, even in the circumstances that we are now in.

Many good things happened to me on 2020, nonetheless. One good thing that came out of lockdown was getting online together on Tuesdays with some fine folks and set one hour to make some musical piece based on a theme decided at the beggining. A jam, for those who don’t need extra words. After many years wishing to learn how to make music on the computer, I got Ableton Live and started making these. There were 37 jams, and I participated in 34 of those jams.

As 2020 closes, I would like to share with you my results. All for good fun and having a hobby, in its most essential meaning. I’ve been also playing some stuff over my Instagram @chiguire, just to reach out to friends, acquaintances and curious folks.

I hope you enjoy this, and that your 2021 will be the best possible.

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