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The Sea, 15 Seconds a Day

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On the 31st December 2021 I declared finished a series of short videos I’ve been putting up in the fleeting story format that several social networks offer. Mainly Instagram, but also Facebook, and Twitter when it had Fleets. In general, each video is about 15 seconds of the sea from the beach in Brighton (Hove, actually!), taken each day whenever possible, with some exceptions on days where I wasn’t in the city, or I was not able to go.

A theme that really attracts me is everyday life expressed through repetition. I have done this even with popcorn.

A frequent question is how or why it began. Checking my archives, it’s certainly not the firs time I had recorded videos in that same format. But in 2019 I had a great loss at the same time I moved from London to Brighton. It’s was intense, and traumatic, but no one had died. When I got to Brighton, and I walked a few steps to the beach, I experienced silence. And it was delicious, like saying hi to an old friend. Citing Alfredo de Hoces, you cannot feign silence. It was the silence of the sea (which I know is not exactly silence) what hooked me on, and thus how the series began.

Repetition doesn’t need some big announcement. In the right moment and place, it becomes organic. With these videos, my direct messages started getting messages with people commenting on the video of the day. It became a way to stay in touch, in times where touch was reduced because reasons gestures hand around. I had people who asked when the videos suddenly stopped, as I had ghone out on holiday in March 2020 just as the world suddenly changed. Continuing to show the same sea as the daily situation changed so dramatically kept me grounded. Many thanks to all those who commented, and many thanks to all who were inspired and sent me their own videos when they went to the beach. You made my day several times.

But as with everything in life, I think the series found its purpose, met it, and ran through its course. I feel there’s not much I can add to it. All the videos are in the highlights of my Instagram profile. 2020 is shown in a hour and a half video, and 2021 will have its own video as well. Even though I’m not moving places, I do think I have moved on, and start thinking on what’s next.