Ciro Durán A Live Archive

A Live Archive

Today marks a transition in this website. Last time I redesigned it, it was 2014. At the time I did it because I was looking for work. I was looking into breaking into the games industry, and the course I was doing insisted in putting up a portfolio. It served its purpose very well, I’m grateful that it did. After 8 years I can now retire that design.

My main motivation for changing it was to get rid of WordPress. Nothing personal against WordPress, it will still power El Chigüire Literario, my gamedev blog in Spanish, for the foreseeable future. But I did want a format that was as simple as possible, plain HTML files. They’re generated from Jekyll, of course, but having plain HTML files means a simpler website, one with just static files. Easy to preserve, no database to maintain, no cookies popup, no security concerns, and still a fully bilingual place (thanks to the polyglot plugin). Throw in some simpler design, thanks to the Lanyon theme, and now I feel that this website will keep going for a few more years.

This redesign started back in May 2020, but life got in the way. Returning to it, and completing it marks a personal milestone in my recovery from some personal issues and the pandemic. It now includes two sections that I’ve wanted to include for a long time: hardware projects, and music. Both things have become really important to me, and thus they now have their place in this website.

As much as social media allows us to communicate with each other really quickly, they come and go. And when they go, they take down all the things you’ve done for them with it. I don’t want that to happen to the things I do. At least, I want to make that my responsibility. In this age, making the effort to preserve our own websites is more important than ever. That’s the reason it’s been renamed to “A Live Archive”. This is a place to keep my stuff available. I’ve done some work to make it as easy as possible to myself. I hope you get something out of it.