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Music in 2022

I had planned to release an album this year, but that did not happen. Life happens. Still, 35 song sketches came out this year! Tuesday Tunesdays are still going, although you can tell that people returning to their (as it were) normal lives has an impact on time and activities.

Check out all the music I did in 2022 in the Music section!

There are a few of these that I really like (in no particular order):

  • 86 - Countdown, I used a longer version of it for the Caracas Game Jam 2022 Gameplay video summary. The version for the jam eventually ends, sorry about the whispering ending.
  • 88 - The Stars
  • 89 - Edge
  • 93 - SlengTeng
  • 94 - Two tracks only, my personal favourite this year, uses one drum rack and one instrument (thanks Genny)
  • 99.75 - Skyline, yeah chord progression
  • 100 - PAPU, unexpected Cumbia cienaguera
  • 104 - Break, string chord progression!
  • 113 - Schraderwave, my contribution to Schraderwave, there’s a video of it on Twitter.
  • 117 - Free
  • 124 - 251